48% of Americans Don’t Know What LGBT Stands For

14% of Americans Think It’s a Sandwich!

NEW YORK (The Lapine) — On the heels of President Barack Obama’s statement supporting LGBT equal rights, a national Gallup phone survey released today shows that nearly half of Americans can only guess what the letters stand for.

“A lot of people said that LGBT has something or other to do with sex that isn’t your Mom and Pop variety,” pollster David Bell told the NY Times.

“But they couldn’t say what the letters stood for…a lot guessed that the GB letters stand for Gang Banging.”

“And slightly more than 14% were guessing that it’s some fancy BLT sandwich and the G stands for Gravy.”

“There is confusion about what the heck LGBT is…mind you 8% of men didn’t know what heterosexual means and quite a few said, “Look dude. I’m totally into women, okay?”

The LGBT acronym, which stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender, was successfully put into words by 52% of poll participants with 23% saying they “fully or somewhat” support equal rights for LGBT individuals, and 21% saying they would “definitely or most likely” rent their basement suite out to someone who looked like they might be LGBT.

“Younger people showed a much higher awareness of what LGBT means. People in the 60 plus age bracket were more likely to answer “Don’t Know” or “Other” and respond with comments such as “As long as no one gets hurt,” said Bell.

The poll also showed dramatic awareness differences between urban and rural participants, between church goers and non-church goers, and between Republican and Democrat supporters.

79% of regular or frequent Fox News viewers were unable to explain what LGBT stands for with 72% saying they had never heard or seen the acronym before. 10% of this group guessed it’s a terrorist group and 8% said it likely means something similar to the internet’s LOL.

“There’s no doubt that Americans are becoming more aware that there are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and gay people out there,” said Bell.

“But they often can’t quite put their finger on what each word in LGBT means.”

“And a lot think they could spot one in a Starbucks lineup.”

The survey is considered accurate 21 times out of 20.

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