9 Out Of 10 Dead People Preferred Not To Have Died: Survey

The dead consider death a “very negative thing”

VATICAN ENQUIRER – A recent survey undertaken by students at the Vatican University (VU) on the effects of death, confirmed that the majority of the dead interviewed preferred not to be dead.

“Not that it’s that bad on the other side…they preffered to be on the living side of life,” said Teresa Elena Caputo, coordinator of the survey taken in the better part of 2016.

Teresa Elena explained that the survey took in the responses from total of 1,017 dead people from different mausoleums near the Vatican City university. The student said that they had knocked on many crypts or niches, but there was no response at the time.

“Our analysis of the data determined that more than 9 out of 10 deal people we interviewed, from young to old and rich to poor, they preferred not to be, well you know, dead,” Mario Cerquara, survey co-coordinator, told the Vatican Enquirer.

Mr. Cerquara, added that surprisingly almost all of the dead considered ‘alive’ was way more better than ‘dead’.

The students, in their report, had this to recommend: If you are considering death over life, whatever you do, don’t die. If you know someone who is dying, tell them to say no, to choose alive over dead.

“Being dead is permanent, being alive is hope,” concluded Ms. Caputo, pointing at the data that is overly clear that death is a very negative thing.

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