ABC’s “The Bachelor” Becomes a Mormon — Polygamy Involved

Bachelo-Chris-Soules-Rose-SizedSALT LAKE CITY, UT — After starring on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’, Chris Soules has been spending a lot of time at the Salt Lake Temple of the Latter-day Saints Church it was reported today.

And he’s not alone…six other former star bachelors have been spotted in and around the temple.

A since-deleted twitpic by @MormonRebel69 revealed the reality star had begun attending worship services at the temple as recently as two weeks ago. In the picture, past Bachelors Jesse Palmer, Sean Lowe and Andrew Firestone are all identifiable.

Locals have started noticing.

“I saw a gang of Bachelors for the first time a couple weeks ago. They stay together at church and casually walk around tapping young ladies on the shoulder, almost as if they’re propositioning them for something,” said one anonymous churchgoer.

Another claimed “they surreptitiously sneak away” to meetings after church with Paul Edward Gammee.

Gammee is a known polygamist who splits his time between Utah and Mexico where there are no laws against polygamy.

When asked for a comment on the sudden change to Mormonism, Soules answered, “This is a genuine, faith-based change. Everything I do is sincere and earnest, whether it’s looking for love on the most watched reality TV show or pursuing a new faith.”

“And it certainly has nothing to do with the Latter-day Saints’ soft rules on polygamy. I, along with the other Bachelor participants, am not here for the polygamy. I want to be clear on that. No polygamy. Wait, did you ask me about polygamy?”

The day after his comments, Soules and the Bachelors flew to Chihuahua, Mexico with Gammee, where they have just purchased a 22,000 sq. ft. compound.



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