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American Great Wall Plans Bring Surprise Economic Boom

Big changes in smuggling are predicted with the coming border wall

The Great American Wall

U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s promise of building a border wall along the United States – Mexico border has been a boon to some American industries.

Huge orders for steel rails are pouring in and the once nearly defunct rail car industry is now booming, orders coming in for a compact version of passenger and cargo rail cars. Orders for powerful smaller, quieter train engines are also on the increase.

Border ‘WallDrill” machines that once was the exclusive of the coal industry are coming back to life, several manufactures, close to the brink of bankruptcy, are no reporting having a hard time keeping up with the demand for both small and large machines.

Any business or industry involved in excavation has seen a boom in business since the U.S. President started talking about the wall, contracts and orders more than doubling from the first day after the election last November. The trickling down effect includes small and large manufacturers of digging equipment, from heavy machinery to the basic pick and shovel.

The “American Great Wall” is good business. Companies are recording huge profits selling equipment. But there is a twist, the sales, according to the latest report on the trends, is mainly to traffickers of people and the drug cartels.

“The excavation has already begun,” said a resident who lives pretty near the border. A Vatican Enquirer correspondent was able to confirm the drilling of elaborate tunnels has begun under the proposed Wall.

Aside from the criminal element, a Mexican design firm has decided to be proactive in rolling out their version that includes areas for commerce (malls), immigration whey points, even a detention centre, schools, light train rail service and casinos.

The Donald Trump American Border Prison Wall design concept

The plan is aimed at developing a controlled corridor, ending the suffering abuse and extortion from the coyotes who for a fee smuggle people by land across the border. Instead of suffering abuse, anyone wishing to enter the U.S. can just buy a ticket for a clean, safe, air-conditioned ride, stop to shop, check-in to a detention centre and even live the “American Dream” within setting foot on U.S. soil.

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