An Important Discovery That Will Change Driving in Costa Rica – The Turn Signal!


VATICAN ENQUIRER – Costa Rica – Latin America (or especially San José)   is now a better place, as a civilized man of the City of San José discovered (by accident) directional lights of his car and even managed to understand its use.

This man could be compared to those who discovered fire thousands of years, because during his traditional way to work would just change lanes, make turns at will, not quite understanding the angry responses by other drivers and pedestrians..

At first, the man did not understand what was happening, because he only heard a ticking sound, but gradually, as he lost his fear of the lever and moved to one side to the other, he understood what it did.

“The first thing I thought was that it was the devil or something demonized because I had never seen that kind of light and was not until I decided to try it did I noticed the usefulness,” said he man who asked that his name not be published.

Excited by his discovery, this civilized and sedentary man decided to, what can only be described as a religious quest, to tell the world of his discovery.

If this civilized act catches on, it is believed that in the next 200 years we could see drivers using the left lane for passing only and continue on the right.

Meanwhile, a driver from Guanacaste who came to San José for a meeting, spent two hours at a dowtown traffic because the greens didn’t give him enough to advance to clear the intersection.

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