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Bank robbers struggling to be taken seriously with all customers wearing masks

In these strange times of pandemic, Bank robbers have complained that nobody is taking them seriously since all other customers are wearing masks too, due to the number of people making jokes about robbing the place.

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With the coronavirus pandemic driving an economic crisis more and more people are facing financial difficulties and becoming increasingly desperate, which has led to a huge rise in attempted bank robberies.

However, almost all of those robberies have been unsuccessful as bank staff assumes that it’s a joke.

“I lost my job months ago and am struggling to support my family so decided to rob a bank.” said one would-be-criminal, who didn’t want to be named for fairly obvious reasons.

“So I put my mask on, walked up to the counter and said ‘I’m here to rob the joint. Put the money in the bag.’. The lady behind the counter just wearily rolled her eyes, gave a kind of half laugh and asked me how she could help and told me to put my card in the reader and enter my PIN.”

Embarrassed by the reaction the man withdrew $100 in cash so as not to leave empty-handed, which will almost for certain incur overdraft charges.

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