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Billionaire Donald Trump To Travel to Costa Rica To Negotiate Purchase Of The Country

VATICAN ENQUIRER – Following his sale of the Miss Universe pageant, billionaire Donald Trump, one of the richest men in the world, said he would be interested in investing in Costa Rica, but not as investor, rather as buyer.

In recent statements Trump said he is interested in increasing his real estate portfolio and what better to buy up an entire island like Costa Rica. “It would be nice to own a tropical country,” said the magnate.

Asked why Costa Rica and not the more developed Panama, Trump simply said, “Costa Rica is better buy, cheaper and I probably can get it a good discount.”

“The island (Costa Rica) would be my property and anyone who wants to live there would have to pay me,” said Trump in explaining his investment strategy.

One of the first things Trump would do, he said, is rename the capital city to “Trump City” and turn into one big hotel and casino. He said would also change the country’s flag, making similar to the U.S., which would probably go unnoticed since the Costa Rican flag is already red, white and blue. “All that is missing is a star here and there,” said Trump.

Asked about how he would go about buying such a peace of real estate, Trumps said he’s already sent out feelers and has received back a number of emails showing there is a great interest to sell, but would not disclose his sources or discuss a price.

“No comments, I can only say that I have in past bought more expensive properties,” explained Trump.

As to who could and could not visit the island, that is if he were to actually end up buying it, Trump said that to enter the country everyone would need a visa and one person who will “never” get a visa is Barack Obama.

According to Trump, Mexicans – all Mexicans – would be welcome.

A source close to the Vatican Enquirer, Trump is said to have the financing in place, “the money is already in the bank and he is ready to write the check”, said the source, adding that Trump has an eye to closing the deal before the start of the dry or heavy tourism season (December) to cash in on the all the Americans getting away for the holidays.

Opponents to Trump buying up Costa Rica fear that the real estate tycoon would buy the country and then divided into small parts and sell them off or turn around and flip, possibly to someone bent on being a dictator or the narcos (drug traffickers). Or even the Chinese.

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