Bimbo Will Remane Its “Pan Blanco” (White Bread) To Avoid Racism


VATICAN ENQUIRER – Mexico City, One of the largest companies in Mexico had to resort to a name change for pastry formerly called “Negrito”to  now “Nito”, because according to several sources, this was deemed racist against people of a dark complexion. Now they face a new challenge as Caucasians representatives say the “Pam Blanco”(white bread) should be renamed as well.

“They talk a lot about equality between people, but now everything has turned, it is very easy to support African-Americans now that Obama became fashionable and Hip Hop, but nobody defends white, in fact the other day I saw that in America there is a day of discounts for blacks (Black Friday),” said a member of the International Association of Caucasians (IAC).

“Worse, I also noticed that in appliance stores and many departments stores was well, they have “white line”as if we could not be in the same line as the others. That’s just too much.”

Thanks to strong pressure from this organization and some others joining the effort for equality between races, Bimbo rename will rename its Pan Blanco.

The company has not yet come up with a new name. If you have a good idea for a  new name to replace Pan Blanco Bimbo name, you can use the comments section below or contact Bimbo directly.

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