Brit Baffled By People Who Come From Different Cultures Doing Things Differently

(AMP) A BRITISH man is baffled by the idea that people who come from different cultures do things differently to him.

Bill McKay admitted he simply could not understand why Jewish people and Muslims do not eat bacon sandwiches.

He said: “It’s just weird, isn’t it? I mean, going to a synagogue or a mosque, what’s all that about?

“Some of them don’t even support a Premier League football team. And apparently a lot of Chinese people don’t eat Easter eggs. What’s all that about?”

McKay has asked his friends why people from different cultures do things differently only to be told that ‘it’s because they come from a different culture’.

He added: “Why won’t they at least give our things a try first? Maybe they’d like getting pissed every night and supporting Hull.”

Article originally appeared on The Daily Mash

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