Burger King Closed Costa Rica Because People Want To Eat Healthier

Costa Rica's minister of Labour, Victor Morales.
Costa Rica’s minister of Labour, Victor Morales.

VATICAN ENQUIRER – Costa Rica’s minister of Labour, Víctor Morales, considers that one of the reasons why Burger King shut down operations in the country, is that Costa Ricans are looking to eat healthier.

“The market has been changing, people are opting for healthier options and companies have to adapt to his new reality. Data from the food sector shows this trend clearly,” said the minister.

Although the hamburger company blamed the closure of all its restaurants in Costa Rica to problems with the U.S. headquarters, the minister says that, although that might be true, the tendency to healthier eating may be the real reason.

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Data from the National Nutrition Survey reveals that Costa Ricans between the age of 5 and 12 are 12% overweight, almost 10$ are obese; adolescents are 15% overweight and 6% are obese; but it is in adults where the overweight problem is serious, figures showing that 64.5% of all adults in Costa Rica are overweight, a large number bordering on obesity.

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