Canada Proposes A Two Loon Loonie To Offset Slumping Dollar

loonie-nosedive-sizedFrom the Vatican Enquirer – The Canadian government has come up with the solution to a slumping Canadian Dollar, imprint dollar coins with two loons rather than one.

The reasoning behind this bold move is simple. In the words of Canada’s chief financial officer, everyone knows what a loonie is, printing a second loon on the coin has to make it work more, right, eh?

To avoid confusion that the two loon loonie is not thought of as a toonie (the two dollar coin), the second loonie loon will be only 60% of the visible, that is one loon will be hiding behind the other loon on the two loon loonie

But not all Canadians are seeing the change with optimism. A factor is that the loonie is not their favourite coin. A recent survey revealed that many Canadians prefer the dime and quarter, and the only reason they carry the loonie is for shopping carts.

loonies-with-us-dollar-sizedOthers see the move as a radical plan by the fashion industry. “We already have the nickel, the dime, the quarter, the loonie and the toonie, another coin will just make even bigger holes in my pants,” posted an angry Canadian on the social media.


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