Canada To Accept American Refugees If Donadl Trump Elected US President

From the National Sun Network
From the National Sun Network

OTTAWA, CANADA –  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Sunday his government plans to accept American refugees in the event Donal Trump is elected as U.S. president.

The PM said Canada accommodate more than 250,000 American refugees on the possibility of a mass exodus of American citizens.

“In the event of a mass exodus of U.S. citizens, Canada will always be a hospitable country for people persecuted or fleeing difficult living conditions..” said the Prime Minister at a press conference Sunday morning, along with Immigration Minister, John McCallum.

If Donald Trump is elected president, political experts say up one million Americans could flee the United States in the first months, with million more expected in 2017.

Minister McCallum said that Canada’s immigration service has already received more than 500,000 enquiries from Americans on what is the process of emigrating to Canada, stressing that for now they are only asking questions, but can could change on the day after the election on November 8.

Trudeau added that Americans refugees would be welcome with open arms as all other refugees arriving on Canada’s shores.

Threatening to leave America is not only the “average joe”, but as well as celebrities and business tycoons and politicians. Nicolas Cage, Miley Cyrus, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are among the celebrities threatening to leave the United States, though the latter may be motivated more by the recent marital breakup.

Among the business tycoons, the Walton family is rumoured to move if Trump is elected. Bill Clinton, without wife Hilary, is the gossip around Washington, telling a source close to the Vatican Enquirer “she will be totally impossible to live with if she loses.”

Taking to  Rolling Stones magazine earlier this month during the Toronto Film Festival, Leonardo Di Caprio, although has never said he would leave America, he did say,  “I could never live under a president like him.” The Toronto real estate marked was abuzz with Di Caprio’s interest in purchasing a luxury condo in Canada’s capitol city.

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