Carlos Slim Fires Donald Trump After Racism Against Mexicans

Mexican magnate Carlos Slim fires Donald Trump for racist remarks about Mexicans

–  Carlos Slim has fired real estate agent, Donald Trump, after racist comments against Mexicans.

Slim, the Mexican magnate and the richest person in the world from 2010 to 2013, summoned all his employees to the corporate boardroom and told them that anyone not comfortable working with a Mexican could resign or be fired as Donald.

The decision could affect about 10 million employees.

Slim said that he had given Trump an ultimatum when he learned of his racist comments about Mexicans. The real estate agent had publicly said that the majority of Mexicans coming to the United States are criminals, drug addicts and rapists.

However, Slim quickly changed his mind and fired Trump on learning that he had spoken ill of Mexican film director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, the first Mexican director to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director.

According to several employees, a day after being fired, Trump said, “he would like to build a wall so that Mexicans could no longer enter the U.S.”.

As the story goes, Donald had just returned from lunch when he started working on his report for the big boss (Slim) when, suddenly, Carlos appeared by his cubicle and called him (Donald) into his office. Trump became very nervous.

Donald Trump
Real estate agent Donald Trump

“We could not hear what he said when he walked out, he just began throwing all his things into a box and left with his head down,” said an employee next to Trumps cubicle.

On his Facebook page, Donald ranted against Slim, saying he was a paranoid boss and always smelled of tacos and spent all day doing nothing, chatting on Facebook.

“We did all the work and the end he took all the credit. Now I will take a few days off and start looking for a new job, but no, I won’t accept any job where the boss is a Mexican or Latino, as they are all too nervous to work with us and not vice versa,” said Trump in one of his posts.

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