Chinese Mandate Babies Be Sedated Prior To Boarding Plane

baby_airline_china_sedated-257x163VATICAN ENQUIRER – China now requires babies under the age of 6 to be sedated with the anesthetic propofol prior to boarding, in an effort to reduce levels of child-related noise on its aircraft.

The requirement also applies to all airlines flying in Chinese air space.  The Chinese government said it is analyzing the possibility of having an air marshall on all Chinese bound flights to ensure the requirement is met.

In China, drugs are only allowed when they are deemed to benefit the public, but they are rarely used outside of medical procedures. Crying babies are deemed to be an exception. Parent’s of children under 12 but over 6 will have the option of sedation.

“The Chinese hate crying babies on planes, and this was the obvious solution,” said China’s civil aviation chief, Lei Ying Lu. The propofol will be free of charge to all traveling families.

If the parents refuse that their child be administered the sedative, the babies are stored with the luggage in a three foot by three foot steel cage. “The cage is of generous size,” said Jung. “They aren’t animals, they’re human, even the baby girls.”

Frequent flyer Na Pahking told the China Times, “I almost killed a baby once while flying, so I’m happy to know all the babies are unconscious. Makes my flight more relaxing.”

Parents have mixed feelings on the required drugging of their infants to fly.

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