Controversial Trump Tower To Be Renamed Trump Plaza

Controversial Trump Tower To Be Renamed Trump Plaza

(AMP) VANCOUVER, Canada – Following intense criticism over their controversial choice of name, the developers behind Trump Tower have announced plans to officially rename it “Trump Plaza”.

Calls to drop the hotel’s name, led by city planners, councillors, and even the mayor of Vancouver, initially went unheeded but developer Holborn Properties has finally bowed to public pressure.

“It has recently come to our attention that there may be some objection to our decision to licence the Trump Tower brand,” the official statement began.

“After careful consideration we have decided a name change is in the best interests of all concerned. With that, it is our pleasure to officially unveil our new name—Trump Plaza. We are delighted to have now finally put this issue to bed.”

The statement continues by apologizing to the people of Vancouver, 48% of whom are foreign-born, if the original name did not align with the city’s values:

“Rest assured, had we known the word ‘tower’ was so offensive to Vancouverites, we would never have used it in the first place,” they said, adding that they had learned a “valuable lesson” ahead of their soon-to-be-announced ‘KKK Plaza’ in Abbotsford.

Article originally appeared on The Burrard Street Journal.

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