Costa Rica: Crocodiles Of The Tarcoles River Threaten Blockades

“Elvis”, the leader of the crocodile movement in Tarcoles, Costa Rica.

TORRES REPORT – In the small Central America island country of Costa Rica, at the Tarcoles River bridge, tourists who daily flock to watch the Costa Rican crocodiles below, will soon be in for a surprise, no crocs. They will be on the bridge itself, protesting their working conditions.

Spokesperson and head of the Association of Active Crocodiles in Costa Rica (AAC), Chito, also known as Albino Vargas, said the reptiles are fed up of being taken advantage of, local businesses and governments raking in the profits while all they get, not that often, scraps of chicken bones thrown at them from above.

Chito added that his animal friends are also fed up on the bad rap they are getting in the media.

For all this and more, the crocodiles of the Tarcoles river, like the taxi drivers and other disgruntled who take to blocking the roads across the country, they will be doing the same.

“The crocs want liberty and freedom, they are fed up with being on show every day, and not getting compensated,” said Chito, who claims to be he official voice for the animals and their oppression.

“These crocodiles have given the country tourism. Just by looking at the number people daily on the bridge and in the restaurants we know that it is an industry whose main actors (the crocs) do not receive remuneration. That is why we at the AAC, on behalf of the crocodiles ask the government that 50% of the profits of the businesses  who’ve benefited and continue to benefit from their presence,” added Chito.

Crocodiles have been involved in several attacks on humans during the last few years, Chito assures they were provoked. “The crocodiles I have spoken to have assured me that, they don’t want to lose the potential profits of tourism that will lead to better working conditions and time off to enjoy the other rivers around the country,” Chito told the Torres Report.

According to Chito, if crocodiles are successful in getting their share of the take, he has been given full authority to manager their earnings.

With reportering from Tarcoles, Costa Rica and

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