Costa Rican Wins World Championship For Coffee Picking

(VATICAN ENQUIRER) Walter Rodriguez was crowned the world’s best coffee picker in Togo, located on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea.

Rodriguez beat out hundreds of other coffee pickers from around the world, to become the first Latin American to win the 2015 World Coffee Pickers Championship.

“My experience in picking coffee is from my childhood, where I would work in the coffee plantations with my father and uncles. Thanks to this, and God, today I am the World Champion,” Rodriguez said,  according to a statement by the Costa Rican National Coffee Institute (ICAFE).

Competitors demonstrated their skills at picking coffee in five different styles, including the free-style, allowing pickers to express their creativity.

Rodriguez every round with a perfect score, beating out Arthur Kabila of Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zakir Mukherjee of India.

Jorge Cuadra, owner of the plantation in Perez Zeledon, where Walter has been working all his life,  consider this achievement as “an honor” and described him as “a very dedicated person.”


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