Donald Trump Drops Out Of Campaign, Claims ‘Joke Has Gone Too Far’

BREAKING NEWS (THEGLOBALSUN.COM) Donald Trump left the Republican party today, shocking his mountains of supporters and leaving the Republican Party with no candidate mere weeks before its convention Trump told reporters this morning at a press conference that his candidacy had been a bet between him and long time friend Carl Icahn from the beginning and publicly shamed Americans for agreeing with him on so many bigoted points in his candidacy.
“I can’t believe you believed all of this,” Trump said to reporters.”I mean how could you support me?” “Last year I was playing golf with my friend Carl Icahn. And he bets me $50 million that I couldn’t the head candidate for the Republicans by acting like a prejudiced bigot. I told him ‘Carl, this will be the easiest thing I’ve accomplished in my years of business’”.
“Ive enjoyed showing Carl how wrong he was. But I’ve come to realize that i might legitimately become president of the United States. I’ve been trying to get out of this damn thing for weeks. I’ve been trying to fail. But I’ve gained way too many supporters doing so.” “Now I have to drop out. Its gone on for far too long. I have to stop this. How the hell am I supposed to be the President of the United States? I myself might move to Canada to avoid this!”
From there Trump then began to close his speech to the press by stating: “I mean, there’s no way I’m qualified to lead a country into war? Or to be the hand over the button that controls the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons? I’ve loved this country since the day i was born, but if I were placed in charge of it, I wouldn’t stay of i were you.”
Trump says he does not care who the next Republican nominee becomes, as long as he is no longer an option.
“My goal was to show up Carl and get millions of dollars of media exposure for free” he later told reporters. “And i was right, it was THE easiest thing I’ve ever done”.
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