EXCLUSIVE: President-elect Won’t Be Moving Into White House After Election Win

VATICAN ENQUIRER – Word from Washington is that president-elect Donald J. Trump will not be moving into the While House, rather, plans to move the highest office in the land to the opulent new Trump luxury Washington DC hotel with high ceilings and marble bathrooms, less than a mile from the White House.

A confidential source close to the Torres Report – we will call him Kenneth –  said there are two reason for what will be an unprecedented move: one, Milania will have nothing of it, she abosuletely will not move into public housing; and second, it’s all about business.

Inside the future offices of government
Inside the possible future offices of the U.S. government

“It’s good business. Trump has been planning this (the White House move) and the move of most of the branches of government to Trump owned and managed facilities around the world. Why do you think Trump wanted to be president so badly,” Kenneth said.

Many have speculated why the billionaire would want to trade in his multi million dollar income for the measily salary of the President of the United States.

Trump broke ground on the renovation before he entered the presidential race
Trump broke ground on the renovation before he entered the presidential race.

Now you know why.

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