FIFA To Taste Vengeful Might and Fury of the U.S. Military

The U.S. miitary machine is expected to move in against the FIFA
The U.S. miitary machine is expected to move in against the FIFA

WASHINGTON (The Vatican Enquirer) – Critics have called the Obama Administration’s actions against the soccer organization “weak and ineffective,” calling for military action to “dismantle and destroy FIFA and bring its leader to justice.”

“These are people who only understand one thing: force,” said Senator John McCain on the floor of the United States Senate. “We must make FIFA taste the vengeful might and fury of the United States military.”

McCain is just one of may Americans “completely unimpressed” by the Department of Justice’s arrests in Switzerland this week.

Critics say that the DOJ actions was nothing more of “rounding up a few flunkies is meaningless when the leader of the FIFA remains at large”.

The administration is said in response to be preparing a four billion dollar package to allow the United States to put boots on the ground in Switzerland, taking down a FIFA that was created by United States and allowing its rampant growth and popularity.

“The use of force against the FIFA is long overdue,” according to senator McCain.

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