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Former President Obama To Make Come Back With An Eye On The Oval Office

It’s this big, says former president Barack Obama of his chances of becoming President again.

It’s this big, says former president Barack Obama of his chances of becoming President again.

Former President Barack Obama is expected to re-emerge on the national political scene this fall, looking to become the leader of the House when Democrats take it back from the Republicans in 2018, paving the way for his return to the Oval Office.

“President Obama will be back in the Oval Office when President Donald Trump is removed from office and vice-president Pence resigns for the shame of his president and the speaker of the House (Obama) is next in line for the presidency,” explained a Washintong political big cheese.

An aide describes this is a beginnings of a “delicate dance”.

Sources close to the former president told the Vatican Enquirer, Obama is motivated by the chance to correct the errors in Obamacare and ensure that it can never be repealed by any future administration.

Advisers close to him say that while most of his work will be behind the scenes, Obama is ready and willing to take the party leadership and be back at the White House.

In recent months, the sitting US President has blamed Obama for just about everything that has gone wrong in his administration.

Obama has chosen to remain silent, keeping a low profile.

“He has to be careful,” said a professor of history and political affairs at Princeton University, of Obama’s taking center stage and triggering a takeover of Congress at a time when President Trump’s approval is falling so fast, including with his base.

For the Democrats, the Obama presidency would allow breathing room to seek out new Democratic leaders in 2024 and eliminate any chance of Hillary Clinton’s return to the national stage.

Democractic insiders are quick to point out that the party is now without leadership, vision and identity and Obama is the one to pull them out of the proverbial hole.

Democratic strategists agree that, “it’s a great moment, with the incumbent president in the White House bogged down by investigation and deep uncertainty, for President Obama to emerge.”

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