Global Warming – No Longer a Threat

(VATICAN ENQUIRER) In 1827 scientists launched a rocket into space, with the knowledge that by the time it arrived, it would be just in time to stop global warming.

The fear was, that with all the snow accumulated throughout the polar ice caps and the North East part of the US, over the years, it would melt and flood the oceans.

If this were to happen, small islands like Hawaii and the Virgin Islands would no longer exist, so scientists needed to be proactive.

The rocket is scheduled to arrive this year, and it seems like it is just in time, as predicted.

The rocket will hit the sun and push it back further into space, so that global warming will never occur. Scientists knew that if they could keep the sun at a safe distance away from the Earth, that we would all be alright.

Don’t you just love science?


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