Have Us Build Your Tunnel. El Chapo Tunnel Master Ready For Next Job For Hire.

article-0-1BCA16C200000578-419_634x847(VATICAN ENQUIRER) The crew alleged to have built the tunnel for “El Chapo” is now promoting itself to all other multimillionaires, drug lords or whathaveyous in prison, that want out.

Enrique (a pseudonym) said they can build a tunnel anywhere and in the shortest time. It it doesn’t need to be for prison breaks, though he admits to have enjoyed the rush and thrill of the Mexico job.

“We couldn’t get a better recommendation”, said the leader of the crew, who spoke to the Vatican Enquirer on the basis of anonymity.

Their work, a masterpiece of engineering and logistics that has been front page all over the world, now can be available to anyone who needs it or wants.


“If you have to ask what it will cost you don’t need it or can’t afford it”, says Enrique who refused to disclose the price paid by El Chapo. “It wasn’t cheap,” all Enrique would say.

Accepting that there is very small market for his craft, Enrique says he plans to retire after a couple of more jobs, socking away enough that, if he is every caught, can buy himself one.

What was the hardest part of building El Chapo tunnel?

Enrique said turning away workers. Once word got out that he was building a tunnel for the most powerful leader of the drug world, he had people come from everywhere wanting to work on the project. Some even offered to pay him just to get on the job.

Do you know where El Chapo is?

Our job was to build the tunnel and turn it over to another crew in charge of the prison break. Once we completed the work, we got paid and that was it. But, if I were to guess where he is, I would say, he is hiding out right under the nose of Mexican authorities, probably in the house where the tunnel came out. The last place police would think he is hiding. But that’s only my opinion.

What do you think?

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