“Having a Dick is Not in the Job Description” — Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Speaks At The Center For American Progress

VATICAN ENQUIRER (Washington, USA) — Hillary Clinton bluntly cut to the chase today saying America is ready for a woman President and what she doesn’t have between her legs should not be an issue.

“There are bonerheads out there who think a woman is not equipped to be President,” Clinton said on a live Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session earlier today.

“Well, it’s got nothing to do with anatomy I can tell them that.”

“Leaders need to show they have the balls for the job without a doubt. But, sorry guys, they do not need to have testicles.”

While not using the word ‘feminism’ during the half-hour Reddit feed, Clinton responded to multiple questions about the shortcomings of not being a man firmly and with no outward signs of histrionics or breaking down in weepy tears.

“Let’s move on beyond me not having a bundle in my pants,” Clinton cajoled one man from Texas.

“It’s not a pressing issue whether my husband will be called ‘First Gentleman’ or, as you’re suggesting, ‘First Cuckhold’…it’s 2015, not 1950.”

With Sarah Palin being the only other female politician gearing up for a run at the White House, national polls are showing that the gender of the President is largely not a factor in voters’ minds except among Republican males, the majority of Tea Party members, and Donald Trump supporters.

Results of a Fox News poll released today show that 81% of their viewers do not support a woman being President, with 64% saying that if a female ever does win the highest office in the land she should be married to a strong man and be made to wear only skirts or dresses in public.

“Yes, I am a woman,” Clinton said in response to a man pointing out that there were no foremothers among the forefathers.

“Any other questions?”


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