Imported Bananas From Costa Rica Big Hit With Foreigners In Costa Rica Supermarket

Where Can We Get Imported Bananas? The other day I was in the supermarket. As usual I was looking over the bananas, wanting just the right mix of green and brown – firmness, but not raw nor too ripe – when I overheard a foreigner couple ask that question.

This couple, it seems, was looking to buy the same great tasting bananas they got at home up north above the 44th parallel.

For some reasons the bananas at their local supermarkets looked different than the ones right in front of them. They felt different. Their colour was different. They probably even tasted different.

I couldn’t resist.

“The bananas you get at home probably come from Costa Rica. Did you know that Costa Rica is a major exporter of bananas?”, I told the foreigner couple.

But how could that be? Surely the bananas would be over ripened by the time they get to their local supermarket, so that could not be the case. And why would Canada need to import bananas from Costa Rica – or anywhere else – surely they grow them. No?

Although they did not speak the words I could see that had to be their thought through the look in their eyes.

So, the wife had the great idea, talk to the manager. In her broken Spanish, she tells the produce manager, Juan José, “pourquoi no haber bananas importadas?” (Why you no have imported bananas)

The manager looked puzzled. He surely thought Costa Rica is an exporter of the best bananas why would these gringos want us to import them?

But, his answer was typical Tico. “I am sorry, you are correct, I will speak to general manager and next week will have them”.

I can’t wait. I think I am going to stake out the supermarket, on the look out for the couple, who will surely be looking for the imported bananas.

And can’t wait to see the look on their faces, for the supermarket did in fact comply with the customers request.

Yes sir, they put up a big sign in the banana section which reads, “Imported From Costa Rica!

What do you think?

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