ISIS Threatens to Kidnap the President of Costa Rica


VATICAN ENQUIRER – From somewhere in the Middle East, a statement by senior representatives of the radical group ISIS, sent just before the afternoon rains, said there is a plan is play to kidnap the president of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, along with his cabinet and heads of the State institutions (ie. ICE, RECOPE).

However, 20 minutes later, an amended statement said that, after giving the matter some thought, it would be worse for the country to leave Solis, his cabinet and the heads of institutions to remain in power.

According to a very reliable source whose name we could make out, the kidnap plan (and later withdrawl) was hatched after ISIS leaders scrapped the idea of invading the Central American country.

“The invasion would not be a challenge, after learning that anyone, especially anyone belonging to radical groups or organized crime could easily enter the country,” said the source.

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