It Seems A joke, But It Really Happened in Costa Rica

palomaVATICAN ENQUIRER, This really happened in San Jose, Costa Rica – From the “too weird to be made up” department, inmates in a Costa Rica prison are alleged to have trained a pigeon, paloma in Spanish, to bring in their drugs.

Local news website reports that prison officials found the pigeon near one of the cell blocks, carrying in a custom-made pouch, 14 grams of marijuana and 14 grams of cocaine.

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The officials believe the pigeon was trained to carry the drugs into the prison.

Even more absurd is that prison officials say this is not new for them, other animals, like cats and iguanas, have been used by inmates to transfer drugs from one cell block to another.

Really, we’re not making this up.

Our friends at had this made, giving us a graphic difference between a “regular” paloma and  a “narco” paloma.



Top: “I swear the suitcase is not mine”


“Good day Sir”
“Shut up I can’t listen to Kommander” while a ranchera is playing in the background.

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