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Madonna World Tour 2037 Tickets Go On Sale

12019842_891812754244524_5088717423077586506_n“The Pope is secretly in love with me.”

Tickets are now on sale for the Madonna World Tour 2037. The ageing pop star says she is getting ready for what will be the “best, bestest, ever” show of her career, but not necessarily the last.

Rumours have it that there a “centennial” tour planned for 2058, celebrating Madonna Louise Ciccone’s 100th birthday on August 16, 2058.
Madonna is a woman with plenty of experience tangling with the Vatican. Asked how certain she is to live that long and still be able to perform, she said she’s made a deal with the Pope during his visit to the U.S.

Madonna, raised Roman Catholic in Michigan, has had a long history of running afoul of the Vatican, being excommunicated from the Catholic Church several times

But things are different now, says the Diva, “the Pope is secretly in love with me.”

The comments were made during at a concert wearing a nuns’ habits — and little else — while pole dancing on crosses.

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