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Madonna World Tour 2037 Tickets Go On Sale

12019842_891812754244524_5088717423077586506_n“The Pope is secretly in love with me.”

Tickets are now on sale for the Madonna World Tour 2037. The ageing pop star says she is getting ready for what will be the “best, bestest, ever” show of her career, but not necessarily the last.

Rumours have it that there a “centennial” tour planned for 2058, celebrating Madonna Louise Ciccone’s 100th birthday on August 16, 2058.
Madonna is a woman with plenty of experience tangling with the Vatican. Asked how certain she is to live that long and still be able to perform, she said she’s made a deal with the Pope during his visit to the U.S.

Madonna, raised Roman Catholic in Michigan, has had a long history of running afoul of the Vatican, being excommunicated from the Catholic Church several times

But things are different now, says the Diva, “the Pope is secretly in love with me.”

The comments were made during at a concert wearing a nuns’ habits — and little else — while pole dancing on crosses.

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influencers complain because they no longer know what to live on

Influencers have again come out to complain because they are losing the shine of their luxurious lives, due to the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic, they can no longer travel, nor take photos of their food in public places or their famous selfies.

Influencers need to be helped.

Or something like that, is what some influencers wanted to say in a very interesting report from the BBC, and since we are very good vibes, we are going to summarize it completely.

But first, let’s see what the YosStop is doing in full quarantine:

Well, now it is really interesting …

A few days ago, some influencers of the greatest size (or something like that) in the world, have been complaining and complaining in the media because they can no longer leave their homes, and when they do leave, they do not generate videos or photos or content from which they all always do the same: what if the little trip, what if the coffee in Italy, what if the photo that everyone takes in France, etc, etc, etc.


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Ayer fui #Bowie para tiktok ????

A post shared by C͟͟I͟͟N͟͟T͟͟H͟͟Y͟͟A͟͟ (@lenguasdegato) on

This type of content is profitable, that is, with each photo and video that they generate, YouTube gives them some coin as well as the brands with which they come out dressed, made up or subtly thrown together.

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Sheldon And Amy To Honeymoon in Costa Rica

After the slowest moving romance in TV history, Sheldon Cooper is about to make an honest woman in Amy Farrah-Fowler. And the Vatican Enquirer has it that the TV couple have chosen Costa Rica for their honeymooning.

Sources close to the couple revealed that the couple will be flying from Los Angeles directly to the Guanacaste airport for an all-inclusive two week’s vacation at an undisclosed beach hotel.

The source would not reveal the exact date, but most likely would be May 12. The newlyweds are expected to head off to the airport on Saturday, resting up on Friday after the pair’s big day that to airs on CBS on Thursday (May 10), the 11th season finale of The Big Bang Theory.

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Mario is no longer a plumber

Mario is done being a plumber. Princess Peach is going to have to find a new plumber to call the next time her toilet gets clogged.

According to Nintento, the world’s famour plumber is now an “All around sporty”.

Whether it’s tennis or baseball, soccer or car racing, Mario does everything cool.

What we don’t know the reason behind Mario’s career change after 34 years of plumbib. We don’t if Mario was fired, retired or shut plain tired of being a plumber and needed something new. A source not to close to the VE said Mario is going through a mid-life crisis and will really miss his brother, Luigi, who has been rumoured to carry on the family plumbing business.

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