Marcus Lemonis Announces Takeover of Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign


(VATICAN ENQUIRER)  Miami, FLA – “Business turnaround king” and star of CNBC’s prime time reality series The Profit, Marcus Lemonis announced he made a deal with Donald Trump to take over his 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

Under the deal, sharing the profits of the presidency 50-50, Lemonis says Trump has agreed to step away from the limelight, work from behind the scenes, while a new frontman is found.

The candidate, says Lemonis, must be personable, willing to say what he told to say – that is never go off script – and repair the damage done by Trump in the early stages of the campaign.

“I never buy into a business unless I believe in it, and I believe in a Trump campaign, if not in the man himself,” Lemonis told ABCFOX News.

“Yes, it is still a Trump presidential campaign, just not with Donald in the lead,” said Lemonis.

Lemonis says that if “Trump” is elected President of the United States, the phrase “you’re fired” will never be used and Donald will not be sitting in the president’s chair. “It’s too early to say who will actually have the job of president, I have a few names in mind, but am still negotiating the terms,” said business guru Marcus Lemonis.

Lemonis said there are benefits to owning a percentage of the U.S presidency. “I don’t want people thinking I’m doing it just to make money and then going to run for the hills,”  says the businessman.

Although details of his plan are still being worked out, there is no question his “6 Tips for Running a Lemonade Stand”, that includes “have great presentation, good signage, and carry more than lemonade,” will influence the process.

He did reveal, however, that under his plan all schools, businesses, governments and individuals would have access to his online store.


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