McDonald’s Removes Legendary Breakfasts From Menu


VATICAN ENQUIRER In an effort to remain unchallenged atop the hamburger food market, McDonald’s announced plans to remove its “legendary breakfasts” from its menu.

The Associated Press reports that traditional breakfasts will be removed gradually at McDonald’s restaurants around the word, starting first in the San Diego (California) area.

McDonald’s is fulfilling a long time demand of consumers, who want a hamburger at any time of the day, contended that the breakfasts (available up to 10:30 a.m.) affected hamburger sales.

“Offering up a Egg Mc Muffin, hotcakes or sausages, affects hamburger sales and the company is falling behind, facing the huge cost of having to change its millions of hamburgers sold, to avoid facing misleading advertising claims”, said a McD official speaking to the Vatican Enquirer on the basis of anonymity.

The company is not cutting out breakfast, just shifting the breakfast menu to hamburgers only. Potato fans will not have to fear however, as the hash browns are said to be a part of the new breakfast menu.

The news was a boon for McDonald’s stock, which gained nearly a dollar in trading after the story broke.

In addition to these changes, the company also recently changed its meat supplier in an effort to present itself as more healthy and to remove some of the mystery in “mystery meat.”

Rumours are flying that the company may soon eliminate chicken from its menu as well.

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