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Melania Leaves Donald, Writing Tell-all book With Marla

Mystery of Melania’s disappearance from public solved!

The mystery of Melania’s absence, of not been seen in public in weeks is solved: Melania has left the Donald and has moved into a trailer in NW Georgia with Marla.  They are writing a tell-all book called “Our Donald”.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has supposedly (according to Russian internet bots) worked it out so that Stephanie Clifford, the porn star who believes she is attempting to hustle Trump for cash to make her parents proud as well as additional opportunities to sell her services – but who is in fact being used by folks with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) to attack Trump, can accompany him to the trailer park where they will all appear “live” together on camera to discuss “Our Donald”.

Sources told VE, Donald’s first wife, Ivana, wanted nothing to do with “those bitches”, apparently still holding resentment towards Maples.

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