Mexico Withdraws From Gold Cup Final, Panama Advances

Mexico will settle playing the United States for second place.

Screenshot from Mexican television sports
Screenshot from Mexican television sports

BREAKING NEWS:  This just in, a spokesperson of Mexico’s National Team, the Selección Mexicana, in an official statement said Mexico will distance itself from the performance of the referees in the game with Panama and its decision to withdraw from the final play.

Accompanied by head coach Miguel Herrera, the official explained that “the team that deserves to play the final is Panama”, a matter that has already been raised with the CONCACAF, reluctantly accepting after much discussion.

“We know that is history were reversed and the penalty against Panama nonexistent, the “Canaleros” (common name for Panamanians and their canal) would have won,” said the spokesperson.

“We certainly were wrong to make the goal, but, don’t want to continue with the bitterness of the win and are doing this as a gesture to our Panamanian brothers. They final should be played with dignity, we will settle for playing the United States,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, the interim president of the CONCACAF commented that “this is good for everyone, because on the one hand justice is done and moreover Mexico will play the United States, which was the goal from the start of the Gold Cup.”

Source: ElDeforma, Mexico’s leading news source!

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