New iPhone7 Will Come Shipped With Broken Charger Cord and In Small, Medium, Large and Android Sizes


VATICAN ENQUIRER – The apple company, after years of doing nothing revolutionizing, announced this morning that it will be shipping its new iPhone 7 with a broken charger cable and four other impacting changes.

In an advertising blurb the company says the iPhone 7 is “the best ever built, not like in the past, or previous iPhones which were also the best”.

According to its CEO, including a broken charge cable allows consumers to buy a new cable from the get-to, eliminating the need to do so in a month’s time. “You don’t have to wait for the month to have have to go out and buy another”, said Tim Cook at a press conferenced.

Cook added that the change will save the world about 8 million dollars.

Other developments in the new iPhone are: a less lasting battery, so users don’t have any false expectations that a battery will last them an entire day; and higher prices will help the cellular vendors boost their sales numbers.

Other changes in this new phone is that the box will have the number 7 instead of 6; the covers of previous models will not fit the new phone, so consumers can buy a new one without guilt; and, the charger connection is different, so you’re not using old chargers.

Another important change is that the new iPhone 7 will come in various sizes: small, medium, large and Android.

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