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New York Taxis Gouging Customers Fleeing To Canada

Taxi drivers watch for a fare as people get off the bus in upstate New York, looking to cross in to Canada.

Taxi cab companies in New York are gouging customers fleeing to Canada, in the months since the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump, mainly Americans leaving the United States.

Sources close to the Vatican Enquirer said “the flee north is in fear of the America Mr. Trump will bring them.”

The New York Attorney General’s office said Wednesday that price gouging is common within the taxi industry in New York, “but it is unconscionable that taxi drivers would take special advantage by not posting rates.”

Illegal crossings from the United States into Canada have become increasingly common. And not only by the undocumented. Sources say many Americans headed north don’t want theri government to know “just in case”.

Rates for a trip north in a taxi is said to start at $2,500 dollars, in cash.

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