Obama To Run For Reelection…AGAIN!?


(VATICAN ENQUIRER)  The basement of the Whitehouse, Wshington DC – This just in, President Obama plans to run…again…for the 2016 elections.

Obama has been the center of GOP attacks since his inauguration in 2008. Republicans openly express their dissatisfaction with the Obama administration’s policy decisions and take every opportunity to criticize & condemn the administration’s actions.

Does the GOP’s dissatisfaction reflect public opinion of Obama’s presidency? His reelection in 2012 suggests not.

The GOP was and still is unwaveringly against The Affordable Healthcare Act (popularly referred to as Obamacare), the president’s immigration stance, and fiscal policies to name a few.

Another fundamental argument of the GOP against President Obama is his supposedly excessive use of Executive Orders, a rule or order issued by the president to an executive branch of the government, bypassing Congress while still having the force of law. Just going by the numbers on executive orders, Obama has issued them at a lower rate than any president since Grover Cleveland, BUT the absurdity of his newly issued executive order takes relevance over the quantity issued.

Much to the dismay of Republicans across America, multiple sources within the White House have confirmed that President Obama has just issued his most controversial Executive Order to date, one that blatantly undermines the sanctity of the Constitution.

Executive Order 13697, issued yesterday, obliterates the 22nd Amendment, which sets term limits, by allowing President Obama to run for an unprecedented 3rd term. President Obama and his administration have failed to comment on the executive order but an unnamed source within the White House tells us, “Obama feels that his presidency was a complete success and a win for all Americans alike. He believes that he saved the country from imminent danger due to the previous president’s lackluster and unsatisfactory performance. He said, ‘I owe it to the American people to run for a 3rd term. I have repeatedly shown that I am the best president this great country has ever seen, it’s only right that I upgrade the Constitution by passing this executive order.'”

As an Obama supporter it saddens me to say I am disgusted at his arrogance and more than against his pompous display of power. I am unsure of how the public is to react to this but I’m sure all responsible Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike, will share in my revulsion.

I will continue to gather the facts and keep you informed as the story unfolds. Stay aware America!


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