Obama’s Master Plan to Illegally Overthrow Trump

(AMP) The fix is in. Former president Obama is trying to overthrow Trump and assume a dictator rule over the United States. Originally investigated by several mainstream media outlets, Obama’s plan has been fully exposed.

Working with officials in the intelligence community, Obama is attempting an unprecedented coup in an attempt to regain power atop the United States government.

The idea is to work with the media and intelligence officials to discredit Trump through the fake Russia scandal and  have him impeached. Obama will claim that Pence was also involved and move to declare himself the temporary dictator of the United States. However, his reach for power will not stop there.

“Obama is still a grave threat to the wellbeing of this nation”, white house press secretary Sean Spicer said on Friday.

He intends to appoint an entirely new supreme court that will give him full power to remain dictator of the United States in a lifelong term. These are troubling times, but we must stand with President Trump and never allow this to happen!

Article originally appeared on and is republished here with permission.

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