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“Oh, Shit,” Says Stephen Hawking After Learning That There Is Life After Death

“Shit, shit, fucking shit, stupid asshole, it’s all wrong,” scientist Stephen Hawking said this morning when he discovered himself walking and with the vitality of his youth and to see that there is life after death and that, for therefore, all his assumptions about the nature of the universe were incorrect.

“Oh, fuck, really?” Exclaimed the scientist when he verified, without any doubt, that the cosmos, time, reality and everything that man knows is nothing more than the will of an abstract entity supernatural.

According to sources from the Hereafter, the scientist has also had the opportunity to contemplate the history of time and to see that a large part of his assumptions about the Big Bang are not correct either, given that Creation is not older than 6,000 years, and how it was known with certainty before Newton forced the other scientists to “correct” their paradigms.

Source: El Mundo Today

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