Police Called as American Tourist “Shocked” to Discover Costa Rica has its “Own Money”

VATICAN ENQUIRER – A 47-year-old woman from Utah was “shocked” at the discovery that Costa Ricans have their own currency during a recent trip to Guanacaste

The woman was shopping in the Liberia giftshop were she paid for numerous gifts using US currency. Upon receiving her change in Costa Rica colones, store clerks say the woman began screaming at them for “real money”. The staff was forced to call police after the woman refused to accept what she called “monopoly money”.

The tourist police was able to calm down the woman and explain that the country has its own currency. Antonio Delgago, assistant to the chief of the tourist police told the Vatican Enquirer this happens often, Americans tourists finding out that the U.S. dollar is not the currency of Costa Rica.

After calming down and a shot of something by the Red Cross paramedics, the woman told Costa Rican police that she didn’t realize Costa Rica was a state of the U.S., like Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

Since the others have posted on the social media of similar experiences, responding to her comments, like “hey, you guys won’t believe this, did you know Costa Rica has its own money? #LearnSomethingNew.”

A similar situation occurred not long ago, when an Indiana woman visiting Vancouver, found out that Canada is also a country and they have their own money too!

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