Programmer Gets Fired, Forgets How To Code

Computer programmer FiletOfFish1066 (FOF), working for a well-known tech San Francisco tech company  and for five full years did nothing except play League of Legends, surf the net, work out in a gym, and basically do whatever he felt like doing, got fired from $95,000 a year job.

FOF says he fully automated his on job using the company computers during the first six months of his employment.

He admits that he had no friends at work, except for his boss occasionally talking to him, no one talked to him, so he could literally sit back and do whatever he wanted. His case, nothing.

FOF describes his what it was like:

“From around 5 years ago up until now, I have done nothing at work. I am not joking. For 40 hours each week. In the past 5 years I have maybe done 50 hours of real work. So basically nothing. And nobody really cared. I had no friends or anything at work either, so nobody ever talked to me except my boss and occasionally,” he told a Career News website.

FOF managed to save some $500,000 dollars by living at home with his parents, eating his mom’s cooking and playing more online games he hacked, so costing him nothing. At work he bought a cheap lunch. With no girlfriend and with his online gaming addiction, he had no reason to spend any money.

But he’s upset because he has completely forgotten how to code and now possesses no marketable skills. He is now faced with having to learn to code again before he can start applying to some jobs.

“I just was a lazy ass,” said FiletofFish1066.

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