Scientific Study Reveals That Homosexuality Is Extremely Contagious


Independent researcher CSOA, conducted a study of homosexuality and posted their surprising results over the weekend. According to their research, homosexuality is the single most contagious condition that exists on Earth.

The surprising findings by the CSOA showed that 100% of the homosexual adults who participated in the study, had some level of intimate contact with a member of the same sex. Joseph Tritha, who was the lead scientist in charge of the study, revealed that of the 100,000 gay adults who participated in the study, all had intercourse or extended levels of intimate kissing with members of the same sex. Based on those findings it is believed that homosexuality is passed through bodily fluids, including saliva, from infected parties.

Tritha stated, “of all the infectious conditions I have studied, this one is by far the most contagious. The Gay (the term used to identify the condition) is the most prevalent condition plaguing our society.”

“There is a 100% percent infection rate associated with this condition. Engaging in homosexual activity all but assures that you will catch The Gay,” he revealed.

The organization also conducted research on 100,000 heterosexual adults, and 100% of the subjects tested negative for The Gay.

The CSOA (Common Sense Organization of America) says to avoid catching “The Gay,” it is highly recommended that one refrain from having intimate relations with members of the same sex.

The condition has spread to every corner of the globe and there is no known cure, but theists believe the solution is to pray away The Gay. That particular method has shown no sign of promise, but theists remain hopeful that one day a cure will be found.

There is a one question survey to determine if you have contracted this condition.

Have you engaged in homosexual activity? If yes, you have The Gay.


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