Seahawks and Patriots Say They Are Ready To Open For Katy Perry


February 1, 2015, VATICAN ENQUIRER – The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots say they are ready to open for the Katy Perry concert on Sunday afternoon, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Following the concert the Super Bowl, the most anticipated sports event and commercials will follow.

To avoid from the crown falling asleep during the game, singer Katy Perry, said she promises to return to singing after the games so fans who leave the stadium at mid game.

The Katy Perry concert also promises to premier creative commercials to set the trend in the industry for 2015.

BMW, Coca Cola, Doritos, Budweiser, Kia, Snickers and Toyota are among the advertisers promising dazzling commercials to keep the game alive.

Promoters say they will be monitoring the mood of the crowd and play the additional commercials, if needed to keep the crowd alive.

The game promises to thrill the live and television audience with takes of players consuming sports drinks and exciting commentary on game plays and tackles, giving a sense of sport showmanship.

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