Sean Penn To Star In North Korean Film About Obama Assassination

Sean PennVATICAN ENQUIRER – Reports out of Pyongyang, North Korea say Hollywood star Sean Penn will star in a North Korean film in which he assassinates President Obama.

Penn plays a hitman bent on taking out democratic leaders around the world, ensuring The Leader’s global dominance in the film titled Yu Kim Stin Ki Pu which translates to The White trash Leader Obama.

Sean Penn told Variety, “I couldn’t put the script down. I had to make this movie. The character is very deep and the story conveys global messages that are relevant to human kind.”

Variety reporter Gwyneth McCarthy asked Penn if he was comfortable with making a film sponsored by North Korea, a country that imprisons hundreds of thousands of its own people. He responded, “Hey we incarcerate millions of our own citizens too. What’s the difference?

“Does it really matter who is making the film? The story and message are what’s important. I’d rather make a North Korean film than work with those corporate imperialist brainwashers over at Disney.”

Kim Tim-tom, North Korean film official, told the paper, “People shouldn’t overreact. It’s just a movie.”

The North Korean film studio, Naega Cadshu, met Penn’s quota of $10 million to act in the film.

“We are so happy to have Sean,” film director Kim Song-dung told state media. “He was on my dream cast list. We usually just do propaganda films but this will be our first high-octane, action-packed adventure with an A-list star. I praise Dear Leader for giving me this gracious opportunity.”

The film budget is reported to be near $50 million, which would be North Korea’s biggest movie to date.

“We will make the Korean people happy with this film. Some may not not have food or water, but they will surely be entertained,” Kim said. The production company has three other films on slate for 2016.

North Korea expects a global release of the film in early 2016. “We will make our money back for sure. It will play well across the Middle East and Africa. It’s a good investment for our country,” Kim said.

North Korea will also hold their first version of the Oscars ceremony in 2016.


“Next year will be a big year for North Korea’s film industry. We’ll be making a real a splash into show business and give Los Angeles a run for its money,” Kim said. “And we won’t have to worry about giving into any hackers’ demands on any film we produce.”

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