Trump Says He Will Not Attend Future Debates If Clinton Is There

"She kept interrupting me, I couldn't get my message across to the American people. I will only attend the next debates if Hillary is not there," said Trump.
“She kept interrupting me, I couldn’t get my message across to the American people. I will only attend the next debates if Hillary is not there. I can be even greater without her there,” said Trump.

(VATICAN ENQUIRER) Following Monday’s first of three planned national Presidential debates where according to Donald Trump he says he won hands down, the Republican presidential candidate has vowed to skip the remaining debates if his Hillary Clinton is there.

Trump blasted Monday night’s debate, saying that Clinton “distracted him from delivering HIS message to the American people”.

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” Trump told The Borowitz Report, and says he could have done much better if the debate had not been rigged against him.

Trump is peeved because his opponent was given time to speak about issues that have nothing to do with what the American people want to hear, “they just want to know that I can make America great again and bull with the facts and issues,” said Trump at the spin party after debate, which he enjoyed immensily given that Clinton did not show.

“She is nasty, wouldn’t let me get my message out to the Americans who need to hear what I have to say,” said the billionaire, adding that he has yet to hear a response from debate organizers on his threat.

The candidate is clear, he says he cannot be treated fairly at the debates if Hillary Clinton is there. Trump stresses that a debate without Hillary will ensure that he gets his message to the American people without being interrupted and “called a liar by a very nasty person”.

Trump’s complaint is also against CNN for split-screening him with Clinton through the broadcast.

“It should have been just me and me alone, without Hillary, that way people could see how very presidential I am. I really am great at being presidential,” said Trump.

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