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Trump Tower Moscow Deal Done!

Donald Trump sued the Helsinki summit as guise to get Putin’s approval for his Russia project

Under the guise of a summit to discuss political differences between the United States and Russia, the Vatican Enquirer learned that the behind the doors meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, was to concrete the Trump Tower Moscow deal. “This was clearly the focus of discussion,” a source close to the Putin administration told the VE in anonymity while the Trump administration official line is to deny secret transactions with Russians.  Although the details of the deal were not disclosed, the source tells the VE the real reason for the ‘summit’ in Helsinki was to get approval from the Russian government to build the Trump Tower in Moscow and the Russian demand for a Trump brand hotel in Russia’s capital city. There had been numerous attempts by DT at building a Trump Tower in Moscow, the most recent during the 2016 U.S. election cycle. Trump has talked about the Moscow deal since 1987. Despite Donald Trump’s denial of any Russia deal, plans for a Trump Tower Moscow were so advanced, all that was left was Putin’s approval.

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