U.S Bans Yoga Pants; Canada Considering Similar Action


VATICAN ENQUIRER – Yoga pants have been a controversial topic across America, the issue first surfacing in Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Californa, as the snugnitude encasing the lower half of women’s bodies struck fear in the hears of Americans.

How the debate is over, the Federal government has issued a ban on the sale and wear of yoga pants in public. An source within the administration told the Vatican Enquirer that banning the use in private homes is also being considered, a decision that will clear be one to be made by Michelle Obama.

The argument used to enact the ba is that they’re to distracting to men, they create a lustful atmosphere infecting society.

A national group is said to be planning a protest against the ban, saying the prohibition is antiquated and warped, women should not be told that their clothing is responsible for men’s bad behaviour. The message sent to men is that their behaviours are excusable, or understandable given what women are wearing.

Walking the streets in America in yoga pants can get you arrested.
Walking the streets in America in yoga pants can get you arrested.

For now, authorities are only issuing warnings. But a source at the Justice Department said the in the near future women will be arrested and prosecuted.

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