William Shatner To Help Canada Reclaim Its Role As A World Leader

Canadians have to understand that war is sometimes unavoidable!

VATICAN ENQUIRER – William Shatner, better known for his portrayal of James T. Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise, in the Star Trek franchise, is being called into action, to help Canada reclaim its role as a world leader.

Shatner, a Canadian who made it big time in the United States, is possibly the only solution to Canada’s image around the world, according to Jean Chrétien, a former Liberal prime minister of Canada (1993-2003).

Star_Trek_William_ShatnerChrétien said, in the mid-1940s, Canada was a principal founder of the United Nations and a Canadian drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; in 1957, the role of Lester Pearson, then minister of external affairs, earned him the Nobel Peace Prize for developing a solution to end the Suez Canal crisis; under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada pursued independent foreign policy; and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Joe Clark, his foreign affairs minister, took the lead in the struggle against apartheid and the movement to free Mr. Mandela.

However, since then something has happened to Canada’s international reputation.

“I fear it has been altered and damaged for a long time and the only person who can fix it is Kirk, sorry, Shatner,” said Chrétien.

In coming to terms with reality, Chrétien said Canadians have to understand that peaceful dialogue does not always work. War is sometimes unavoidable.

With Shatner’s help, “Let’s take back our place in the world,” said the former Prime Minister.

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